I Asked God to Break My Heart For What Breaks His.

I Asked God to Break My Heart For What Breaks His.

Ten years ago, when I was at the height of my Christianity, I prayed a very earnest and sincere prayer to the Lord. I prayed that I would be used and I asked God to break my heart for what breaks His.

God listened and willingly I followed a path paved for me. A winding road full of interesting people, eye-opening books, and personal situations of crisis that cracked my heart wide open. I surrendered everything, even my religion. As my beliefs unraveled, I saw a new perspective. One of love for humanity.

Breaking my heart for what breaks His turned me into an advocate for others. And now I have so many causes to advocate for, I don’t know what to choose to focus on, however, all of them light me on fire.

I am an advocate for health care. It breaks my heart that others are sick and can’t afford to get the care they need.

I am an advocate for the LGBTQ community. It breaks my heart that this community has faced such persecution. Their fight for equality, their exorbitant suicide and attempted suicide rates, addiction rates, depression rates, and the hate crimes against this group all break my heart.

I am an advocate for the environment. It breaks my heart that we are not taking care of this beautiful earth. The destruction of nature at the hands of greed absolutely sickens me.

I am an advocate for women. It breaks my heart how women have been kept down beneath men for centuries. Domestic violence, rape, incest, sex-trafficking, and objectification of women all have roots in this patriarchal society we live in.

I am an advocate for women who have had abortions or women who are choosing. It breaks my heart that women at the lowest point of their life are greeted with horrific judgments instead of open arms of acceptance, forgiveness, and grace. It breaks my heart that some women are forced to choose coat hanger abortions, putting them at risk for death or severe infection. It sickens me to the core that women are manipulated into having sex and then left to their own resources time and time again after pregnancy occurs.

I am an advocate for refugees. Turning a blind eye to the suffering of refugees is showing the worst of the human condition. Looking at the photos of little kids living in daily fear, hunger, and violence splits my soul into a million little pieces.

I am an advocate for gun reform. The worshipping of guns in America breaks my heart. The shooting of kindergarteners at Sandy Hook was and is an incident that doesn’t let me sleep. How can we not work tirelessly to reduce gun violence?

I am an advocate for cannabis. Meeting sick people and hearing their stories about how marijuana has alleviated their suffering has enlightened me to the healing benefits of this plant. It is heartbreaking that sick people live in fear of being arrested for using an herb that helps them.

I am an advocate for addicts and alcoholics. It breaks my heart that they are treated as criminals instead of patients.

I am an advocate for the poor. No matter what country they were born in, no matter how they fell into poverty, I hear their struggles, see their hunger, and recognize that they have taught me gratitude for what I have. Now it is my turn to teach them the grace of God through showing compassion and charity.

I am an advocate for human beings. No matter your religion, or lack of religion, race, gender, creed, economic status, political affiliation, or geographic location, you are my brothers and sisters. You are children of this creation. We are one.

This is what I truly believe breaks God’s heart. It took a decade for me to be shown all of this. I had to be open, and ready to see. I had to be willing to feel. There is so much more in my journey to continue to work for all the things that break my heart and I am far from doing everything I can do.

But I am on the path. Join me. Let’s change the world a little.

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  1. Hi Kimberley. Being broken and then understanding others who are broken…..that’s a gift! Loved reading your words and seeing your transformation.
    I’m 51 and see similarities in my own life. I have found like minded people to walk with, struggle with and feel connected with. It seems to me that here in Australia, I can find these people. How about you? What communities and writers etc. are you connected to and give you hope/inspiration?
    Blessings, Petra, Melbourne, Australia

    1. Honestly I am a bit of a recluse, but I do have my core group of friends till the end;) also, the people at my day job are a complete gift from the universe.
      I definitely found a place I belong, for the first time in my whole life.

  2. Thank you. I may quote you this Sunday in my sermon.

  3. Kimberly, I could have written every word of this article myself. Thank you for writing this. I have felt very alone in my journey and knowing someone else is doing the same as me has lifted my heart up a great deal. Hope you keep enjoying your journey and living in love.
    Lots of love, Shaun from Australia xox

  4. Now perhaps you can claim God as far more than male?

    1. Yes, I do not like to refer to God as “He”. It was a tricky decision because I want Christians to read my post. I didn’t want to get too controversial and then the message of what I was trying to say gets rejected and lost immediately.

  5. Very well put, inspirational, and heart warming. I think we all, deep down, know that this is what is right. Thank you for being brave enough to live and share this.

  6. Kimberly, this is a great post. I think that the difference people can see in you now as compared to ten years ago is that now you are more like Christ, more closer to being Christ’s representative and ambassador here on earth, doing what He would do. You really are an inspiration! Thank you!

    1. Thank you for encouraging me. I don’t think that’s what my family sees:( But I shall persist.

      1. Well, I can really relate to what you’re saying about “what the family sees”…and how!

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