Losing My Religion Playlist

I compiled a playlist of awesome tunes to carry you through losing your religion.

146+ songs

Music was a huge part of my life in the church and in my home growing up. My mother was the church pianist, and so hymns were the background tunes for my childhood. Often my sisters would sing the special music during Sunday service, and they were always practicing with my mother.

I grew up around music 24-7 and developed an artistic relationship to it. Lyrics are another avenue in which the Divine speaks to us. Music is power. It holds the ability to transform, inspire, and guide you along your path.

Throughout my recovery, I find comfort and my writing is often stimulated by music. I have created a playlist, 166 songs and growing, that mean something to me in my journey, specifically in losing my religion. These songs are my muse as well as my keys.

You’ll find when reading my posts, they are often influenced by a song. Posts such as:

Wild Horses: The Last was First to Ride, Here Is What We Found.

Sympathy for the Devil: Can We Find it and Still Resist?

Given To Fly: Leaving the Cage of Fundamental Christianity

If I was An Ant Marching in the GOP Brigade

Love is My Religion: This Year I Have Been a Hypocrite.

Jesus Loves the Little Children of the World

Click below to follow my playlist, Losing my Religion: Reflect, Recover, Rise. The playlist includes songs relevant to each stage of the process.