Below is a list of resources I find very helpful during the process of losing your religion. Finding support and meeting like minded people is vital to recovery. We all get by with a little help from our friends.


For Immediate Assistance:

Peer Support from


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:


 LGBTQ Support from


Download a free workbook that will guide you through self discovery and help you understand Religious Trauma Syndrome. This workbook is made available by, and was written as a companion to Leaving the Fold, A guide for fomer fundamentalists and others leaving their religion, By Dr. Marlene Winell.


I have composed a list of books that I highly suggest reading. These books not only provided solace, but they opened my eyes and helped me along in my journey out of toxic religion.

I have provided links to Amazon, in which I do receive a small commission that helps keep this blog going. If you don’t want to purchase, that is okay! Don’t forget your beautiful public library!

support groups

Support Groups are so important when you are in the process of losing your religion. All of the sudden you find yourself on the outside of your insulated church community and religious families without support. It is common to feel like you’re all alone, as if you are the only one on the planet experiencing the deconstruction.

It was life-saving for me to understand that not only was I not alone, but there are online communities growing by the day of people experiencing losing religion too. I encourage finding your tribe as it is vital to recovery.

Many of these support groups can be found on Facebook such as the two I personally belong to, Former Fundamentalists and Exvangelical. Both groups are closed groups to protect the privacy of the community.

There are many support groups available on facebook no matter what religion you are losing, such as Atheist Global. Search for them using terms such as “ex-catholic”, “ex-Jw”, “ex-muslim” etc.

The websites I have mentioned earlier in the post are also excellent guides to support groups and forums that are not necessarily affiliated with facebook, such as:

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Hashtags to Follow:

Since the election of Donald Trump, there has been a surge of ex-religious persons being more vocal in exposing damaging doctrine. Many hashtags have gone viral and are excellent sources of information and support. Whether on twitter, instagram, facebook or google, searching these hashtags and reading posts will provide you with an instant community.


#emptythepews #exvangelical #howtoevangelical
#exjw #exvangelicalconfessions #howtoevangelical #beingexvangelical #evangelicalintoenglish #atheist #agnostic #exmuslim #excatholic #metoo #churchtoo

I hope some of these resources will help you along in your journey of losing your religion. Time and self-acceptance is so important as well. It does get better.

Reflect, Recover, Rise!