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Where I post all the angst, losing religion recovery tips, political commentary, ways we can all rise out of this toxic fundamental Christian frenzy, and how we can avoid the dystopian theocracy of the religious right.

Meet Kimberly Stover

If anyone would’ve told me as a child that I would one day lose my religion and become a teacher/writer of that process, I absolutely would’ve thought you had gone mad. My religion was ingrained in my identity as much as my first name is…

Losing Religion Resources

Click for a list of resources I find very helpful for those who may be in the process of losing your religion. Finding support and meeting your tribe is vital to recovery. We all get by with a little help from our friends.

Losing Religion Tools


Healthy coping tools/mechanisms weren’t something I was taught in fundamentalist Christianity. When things go awry, Christians are taught to pray, read their Bible, and obey. None of this worked for me because all of that gave me more anxiety/depression on top of what I was already experiencing.

I have put together a recovery toolbox of ideas and products that have helped me on this road of commitment to living wholly vs. holy.


Songs of Recovery

Music has been a best friend of mine through recovery. I have composed a playlist of music, 146 songs and growing, that has meant something to me on this journey of losing my religion (fundamentalist Christianity). They are songs to help you with loss of any kind.

Keep in touch with me AND get a free losing religion resource reference guide!

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