What Evangelicals Mean By Calling Us Unbelievers.

What Evangelicals Mean By Calling Us Unbelievers.

Unless you’re a member and supporter of the religious right, you are often lumped in with a group of people that they deem the “unbelievers”. These are the atheists, agnostics, Muslims, Catholics, the LGBTQ community, addicts, alcoholics, progressive Christians, the “unsaved”, democrats, liberals, entitled snowflakes, and the list goes on.

At least once a week I see famous evangelicals like Franklin Graham spewing their elitist rhetoric. His message is clear and is always tied to his politics. To them, if we don’t vote the way they do or support this president, we’re the heathens of this Christian nation (which by the way is not supported by our constitution, see 1A).

They say that we, unbelievers, hate God.

I don’t know about you, but for me, it is more accurate to say that I hate their God and I don’t believe their God exists but only inside of their words and actions.

I don’t believe in the God of worshipping weapons instead of supporting gun reform even after the last decade of unprecedented mass shootings. How anyone can sit back and think that adding more guns to the mix is what God would want is beyond me.

I don’t believe in the God that is cruel and unaffirming to LGBTQ.

I don’t believe in the God that tells his people that sexual attraction is a choice that can be changed. It’s like telling us we can change the color of our eyes. Conversion therapy is still legal in 33 states. This is abuse.

I don’t believe in the God that tells parents to disown their child for being LGBTQ.

I don’t believe in the God of demonizing the poor. In the last decade, I’ve seen so much disparaging comments from the religious right about the poor that it is sickening.

I don’t believe in the God that refuses to fight for everyone’s healthcare.

I don’t believe in the God that would deny a woman’s right to choose. I don’t believe in a God that would make a rape victim carry a baby. I don’t believe in a God that would force a mother into childbirth even if it will take her life.

I don’t believe in the God that keeps destroying this earth with carbon emissions and refusal to vote for policy changes aimed at saving the planet from this climate crisis. I don’t believe in this God who tells them that climate change is a lie.

I don’t believe in the God that is manipulating his people into supporting Anti-Christ policies like separating families at the border, ripping healthcare away, cutting welfare, turning away refugees, and imprisoning people for seeking asylum, treating them like dogs.

I don’t believe in the God that keeps spewing hate rhetoric toward anyone on the outside of his club.

I don’t believe in a God that would demonize black football players for trying to raise awareness to the ongoing tragedy of police brutality.

This God sounds a lot like Trump, right?

That is because the God I am watching evangelical Christianity support is the God of Trump. It’s Trump’s Higher Power. THIS is what the religion I was raised in is exalting.

It isn’t Christ.

It isn’t the brownskinned radical Jew who commanded us to love our neighbor. It isn’t the Son of Man that told us that how we treat the poor, sick, imprisoned, or least of these, we are doing the same to him. It isn’t the Jesus who told his followers to give up their possessions, take up their cross, and change the world.

Jesus told us we didn’t have to fear, that God would provide.

The God of Trump constantly tells us to fear and tells us he alone can fix it and provide.

Jesus tells us we can do impossible things. He tells us that if we have faith as small as a mustard seed, we can move mountains.

Yet, the God of Trump tells us there isn’t enough resources to improve life for everyone. We have to turn our backs on some humans, by building a wall, in order to ensure continued privilege for the special few.

I’m incredibly disappointed in my religion. They might be disappointed in me, and I’m sure they are. Yet, I don’t really care. They’re following something very sinister and I’ve watched them change their fundamental values in order to keep doing so.

They’ve excused everything they were ever against in a short amount of time with this president.

I’ve heard them compare him to King David in order to excuse his adultery and sexual perversion.

I’ve heard them say he’s God’s chosen one to bring a Christian revival to the country.

I’ve heard them brush off his daily and hourly vile tweets as silly locker room talk or “it’s just who he is.” They’re absolutely right. Trump does show us who he is. He also shows us who his God is and it is the love of money. Period.

I worry how far they’ll follow him. It has been complete insanity for almost 3 years yet 99% of white evangelical Republicans oppose the impeachment of Trump, even with a mountain of evidence supporting his corruption.

It takes so much courage to leave the club. Heart-breaking, soul-wrenching bravery. So in that respect, I feel for them. Yet, it is important that they find the courage. The more people that walk away, the more will follow. This is a cult and it doesn’t end well for any of us.

Nothing this religion says about us should phase us. Their insults should go in one ear and out the other. I know who I am. I want the best for everyone. I believe we can improve life and reduce suffering for everyone. I believe there is enough for everyone. I believe we can move mountains.

So who are the actual unbelievers?

We are unbelievers in their God and so is the Christ I asked into my heart many moons ago.

In conclusion, just because we are not worshipping the God of the religious right or the God of Trump does not put us into some category of immoral unbelievers. It places us outside of their club. It makes us the last picked for their sports team for their version of Christ. However, the Jesus I was raised to stand up for, picks everyone first, even them, and inspires us to do the same.

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  1. This article is so amazing at articulating how I feel. It’s been weighing on me but I wasn’t able to express myself as eloquently. Thank you for sharing. God bless you.

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